Sunday, October 6, 2013

Watch Out

So, about 2 weeks ago my husband and I decided to change parishes. It may not seem like a huge move to many, but I've always felt very strongly that our Faith is to be lived out in a community and your parish community is a big part of that. (I'd love to have a conversation about how everyone decided on what parish to go to...)

Anyway, so we're now at the parish that is closest to our house (our physically "correct" parish). And I must say, as a cradle Catholic, I've heard a lot of homilies in life, but these are the most immediately usable. Since we are new to the parish, I'm not sure about the two priests' backgrounds, but I have a feeling that they are both late vocations. One has mentioned a former life on Wall Street, and the other I believe had some big-time financial job (bodes well for the building plan). But in any case, they take this insight into the working man's life and basically take the gospel and punch you in the stomach with it. (All of which I think is great.)

So last week they had the gospel of Lazarus and the rich man. Nice gospel... but you know... heard it before.

Well, so the priest's things was that each of the readings had a word associated with it that started with "W." The first was... I don't remember, and the second I don't remember either, but the gospel's was "Watch Out." I remember this because the priest said it about 12 times.

Watch out.

The rich man ended up in hell not because he was rich, or because he was murderer or even really that particularly bad. I mean, we don't know his whole story, but Jesus doesn't tell us anything THAT horrible he did "There was a rich man who dressed in purple garments and fine linen and dined sumptuously each day." Honestly, I dined sumptuously tonight. Brother-in-law's birthday party. It was bbq. It was good. Anyway, what he was was selfish. Selfish and bossy. Selfish, not a gangster or a bank robber. Selfish. Watch out.

We are selfish everyday! And it is very, very easy to be selfish. It is hard to be giving. And the priest made it very clear we were not talking about being giving with money (only) but giving with yourself. It's the morning and you're tired and all you want is that nice, big cup of coffee, but your kids are screaming about a picture they drew 3 days ago and can't you look at it (again). Watch out! You want to cut someone off in traffic. Watch out! You want to tune out when your spouse is telling you a story. Watch out!

Watch Out! Selfishness is very, very easy. It leads to very hot places. Watch OUT!

These words of his obviously stayed with me. This week, my patience and desire to give have really been tested. But I kept hearing these words: Watch Out.

So I thought I'd share them.

Must say, I'm interested what will be said today. (If it's good, you'll probably hear about it.)

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