Defining Beauty is about inspiring young Catholic women.

Culture and society are persistently telling us what makes women beautiful.  We believe it is time to challenge their trite definition.

Defining Beauty is passionate about devoting our lives to becoming beautiful in God's eyes by living out the Catholic faith and teachings.

We are single, married, mothers, employees, teachers, sisters, artists, daughters, students, writers and so much more.  We are absolutely dedicated to the teachings and majesterium of the Catholic Church, but issues beyond this such as fashion, art, recipes, books and media are open to an exchange of views.  We write about whatever is on our mind; sometimes brief, sometimes long-winded, sometimes serious, sometimes silly, sometimes critical, sometimes praiseworthy, sometimes contemplative, sometimes entertaining. 

We hope that our blog will help to encourage you on your faith journey, and unite us as women and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

May God bless you and Mary keep you always.