Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Feast Day of the Archangels!

In our family we have made a point to celebrate our feast days and the anniversary of our sacraments! Today is my son's, Michael's, feast day and my husband's confirmation saint's feast day! So we had special desserts after dinner!
Along with dessert you can sing "Happy Feast Day to You" (sung to the tune of Happy Birthday) or "Happy Anniversary of your ____" for anniversaries of a sacrament! It's a fun way to remember the major milestones in our spiritual life and also ways to celebrate our faith in our everyday life.
Although my kids are still young, I think it is a great time to start the traditions of celebrating their feast days and sacraments so as they get older it's something that is remembered as well as children remember their birthdays!

Being Catholic is so wonderful because the Church is always giving us so many ways to celebrate! We have feast days, sacrament anniversaries, and Holy Days! What a blessing! God is good!


Andi said...

We sing "Happy Feast Day to you" as well! It was a big day in our house as 1/2 the kids have feast days today and we have a 1/2 birthday. :) Hope your boys had a great feast day!

Alena Franson said...

That sounds like a really fun day!!! Michael still doesn't quite get why he got a special treat, but he was more than excited to get a popsicle!